Coronavirus Insanity: Hand Sanitizers that smell like Mike & Ike and Dippin’ Dots Mountain Dew Freakouts and More

Here are a few more not-so-serious stories we’ve seen about the coronavirus outbreak.


1. Assuming they haven’t sold out, there are hand sanitizers for sale that smell like Mike and Ike, Dippin’ Dots, Icees, and Smarties.



2.  A couple became FURIOUS at a grocery store in Kentucky when they weren’t allowed to buy 552 cans of Mountain Dew because of purchase limits.


3.  All of the online teaching and video conferences going on has led to a wave of embarrassing moments.


4.  Some people have started hosting formal dinner parties with their families, where everyone puts on nice clothes for their quarantined dinner.


5.  A woman gave birth at a Walmart in Missouri, and it was in the toilet paper aisle.


6.  The company RealDoll is now promoting that their sex dolls are, “naturally antibacterial.”


7.  A guy in New Jersey was arrested for hosting a pop-up wedding with more than 50 people at his house.