A Guy Started a $750,000 GoFundMe for His High School Reunion, With a 20% Cut Going to Him for “Coordinating”

I guess you have to appreciate this guy’s ambition?  There’s a story floating around on Reddit right now about a guy who took it upon himself to plan his high school class’s 10-year reunion, without consulting anyone first.


The guy started a GoFundMe looking for $750,000 for the reunion.  Yes, THAT much.  Oh, and he was planning to take a 20% cut of that for himself.


When his classmates called him out, he posted on Facebook about how he came up with the numbers.  He says it was for $220 hotel rooms, $80 buffets, $100 bottles of wine, $100 hiking boots, and flights and rental cars for people who live out of town.


As for his 20% fee, “I’m sure professional event coordinators have a similar method of being compensated for their time and effort, and you guys have no idea if I planned to donate a substantial part of that cut to a charity.”


It turns out the class president and a few others were already planning the REAL reunion, and the guy wound up pulling down the GoFundMe without a single donation.


Then he posted again saying he set this all up because he was hoping a rich YouTube star named Mr. Beast would find it and cover the whole thing because, “He might of thought it was a good idea for another one of his videos.”


(Here’s his first Facebook post, and his second.)