Are Your Uber and Lyft Habits Normal?

Are your Uber and Lyft habits normal?  Over 20,000 people recently took an online poll on ride-share services.  Here are seven questions, and how people answered them.


1.  Uber or Lyft?  70% said Uber, 26% prefer Lyft, and 4% use some other app.


2.  Do you normally wait outside or inside?  59% said they wait outside by the curb.


3.  Do you like talking to your driver?  Only 5% said yes, always.  67% said it depends on their mood, or on the driver.  28% almost always prefer no talking.


4.  Do you sit up front, or in the back?  10% of us prefer sitting up front with the driver.


5.  Is it common for you to ask the driver to change the music, or mess with the temperature?  88% said no, it’s not worth the hassle.


6.  How casual are you with a five-star review?  79% usually give their driver five stars, unless something really bad happens.  16% don’t normally rate drivers.  Only 5% said they’re strict with their five-star reviews.


7.  Do you tip them?  43% usually do, 29% said rarely or never, and 28% said yes, but only if there’s a special reason.