A Married Couple Has Worn Matching Outfits Every Day for 67 Years

I guess the key to an incredible marriage is to treat every day like you’re going on a cheesy family reunion trip to Disneyland.  Francis and Rosemary Klonts from Plumas Lake, California will have their 68th wedding anniversary next month.  And for the 67 years they’ve been together, they’ve worn matching outfits every single day.  Of their lives.


They met in junior high school in Auburn, Washington, got married when they were 19, and now they’re both 87.


So how did the matching clothes thing start?  Rosemary says, “My mother got us matching shirts when we were in high school, well I picked them out, and we’ve been matching ever since.”


Francis says he likes it, “She just lays it out for me, and I don’t have to worry about a thing.”


(Here’s a picture of them in their latest matching outfit.  And check out this news report for some great audio of them talking about their marriage.)



(CBS 13 – Sacramento)