INSIGHT – A Public Affairs Segment

Insight, hosted by Deanna Marie, is a weekly 30 minute public affairs program that showcases organizations and programs that make a difference in our community. Want to be featured on the show? Email with your organization or program’s information and tell us why you want to be featured!

Past Featured Segments:

Friends of Nevada Wilderness – Friends of Nevada Wilderness has been successful in protecting over 3 million acres of Nevada wilderness. Getting wilderness designated is the first step toward long-term protection of these special areas but it’s not enough. Our wild lands need help to heal from past uses and abuses.


For Kids Foundation & NEAT- For Kids Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial aid and assistance to children in Northern Nevada with specific unmet needs such as medical, dental, mental health, or educational services for which other resources are insufficient or nonexistent.

Under the supervision of marriage and family therapist,  N.E.A.T. (Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy) offers social, emotional, behavioral and mental health interventions for children as young as four, teens, adults, and seniors, as well as work with small groups, couples, siblings, and families.


Vitalant- Formerly known as United Blood Services- Vitalant is a non-profit organization that collects blood from volunteer donors and provides blood, blood products and services across the United States.


Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN)- The Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada is a network of family, friends and individuals dedicated to provide information, education, and support as we raise awareness of Down syndrome in Northern Nevada.


Emily Skyle Golden- Emily is a local and well known film maker here in Reno, best known for writing, producing and directing Dear George in 2016. Along with the Future Filmmakers Foundation, she supports the local arts and filmmakers of America through her involvement with the Cordillera International Film Festival.


Secret Witness- Secret Witness was created to provide an avenue for community members to provide information on a crime, while remaining anonymous.


Brüka Theatre- Brüka Theatre is a performance art space located on the main strip in the Biggest Little City, Reno, NV. Founded in 1992. Classic, contemporary, musical, original and Theatre for Children.