A Woman’s Insane List of Rules for Her Husband at a Bachelor Party Is Going Viral

Well this marriage seems like it’s built on a stable foundation of trust and respect.  A woman in Australia is going viral because she recently posted a list on Facebook asking her friends for advice.  Her husband is going to a friend’s bachelor party and, well, here’s what she had to say.


“I’m more than happy for him to go, but we are Christians so I was thinking of writing a list of rules for all the men to follow.  Let me know if I’ve missed something.”


And her list has 10 rules including:  No drugs, no alcohol, no strippers, dancers, women, all phones need to be tracked at all times, no swearing, midnight curfew, and no hurting each other, including play wrestling.


Her friends BOMBARDED her with comments about how it was a terrible idea, so eventually she edited the post.   “Your right, I can’t control him once he leaves the house and I can’t control his friends.  So I’ve decided just to not let him go.”


(Here’s the Facebook post.)


ok hubby, you can go to the bachelor party….there’s just a few rules for you to follow from r/insanepeoplefacebook