A Fugitive Is Busted After 37 Years on the Run Thanks to His Mother’s Obituary

Here’s a very rare case of a criminal getting busted because of a well-researched obituary.    There’s a 58-year-old guy named Stephen Michael Paris who escaped from prison in Oklahoma back in 1981.  He was about a year-and-a-half into a nine-year sentence for drug convictions when he escaped.  And he’s been on the run for the past 37 years.


Well, about two months ago, his mother died.  And her obituary mentioned a son named “Stephen Michael Chavez” in Houston, Texas.


The U.S. Marshals connected the dots that Stephen Michael Chavez was probably Stephen Michael Paris, and on Thursday morning, they arrested him at the office where he was working.  A fingerprint confirmed his identity.


There’s no word on who put his info into his mom’s obituary.


(Here’s his original mugshot and his new one.)


(NBC 4 – Oklahoma City