The Police Are Asking For the Public’s Help in Finding a “Jorts-Wearing Bandit”

It’s guys like this that give JORTS a bad name.  Please come back in style, jorts.  I miss you.  The police in St. Louis are trying to track down a guy who has robbed at least three different Walgreens in the area, while he was wearing long, baggy jean shorts.


They’re calling him the, “jorts-wearing bandit,” because apparently the line has blurred between the actual police and the fashion police.


They’re circulating a few photos of him to try to get the public’s help.  From the looks of it, he’s a middle aged white guy, and in one of the pictures, he’s also rocking a sweet visor.  Have they tried looking for him in 1996?


(Here are the photos.)


(ABC News