A Man Breaks Into a Woman’s Home and Does the Dishes

This guy is obviously a scumbag.  A guy named James King broke into a 21-year-old woman’s home in Hackensack, New Jersey Wednesday morning, and tried to get in the SHOWER with her.


Apparently he got in through an open window.  Her 16-year-old sister was in the other room watching her kid when it happened, and told him to leave or she’d call the cops.


At that point he left the bathroom, but didn’t leave the house.  When police got there, he was standing in the kitchen totally naked . . . and he was doing the DISHES.


Apparently he didn’t try to steal anything, and didn’t hurt anyone.  Both women were pretty freaked out by it, but they’re okay.


He’s facing charges for burglary and lewdness.


(NBC New York / Pix11)