Donald Trump Threatened to Sue “Sharknado” Two Years Ago … Because They Wouldn’t Cast Him as the President?

In January of 2015, the presidential election seemed like it was going to be between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.  It’d be another five months before Donald Trump entered the race.


But Trump did have his heart set on being the President . . . in “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!”.    He didn’t get the gig, and that made him very angry . . . angry enough to run for the ACTUAL presidency.  Sort of.


According to the “Hollywood Reporter”, the producers initially wanted Sarah Palin, but she turned them down.


At the time, Ian Ziering had just done “Celebrity Apprentice”, so he suggested Trump.  The producers agreed . . . they sent Trump an offer . . . and he said YES, and that he was “thrilled” about it.


The negotiations got serious over the next few weeks . . . but then Trump went silent.  His lawyer told the producers that it was a tricky time, because Donald was thinking about running for President FOR REAL.


Time was running out, so the producers hired Mark Cuban to take the role.  But when Trump heard about it, he was FURIOUS.


One of the producers says, “We immediately heard from Trump’s lawyer.  He basically said, ‘How dare you?  Donald wanted to do this.  We’re going to sue you!  We’re going to shut the entire show down!'”


Which, you know, is SO Trump.  But to his credit, he certainly got the last laugh.


For what it’s worth, Trump’s lawyer admits he had a dinner with Ian Ziering to discuss “Sharknado 3”, but he wouldn’t comment on the rest of it.


(Hollywood Reporter)